Qualities of our services

Be Close Protection offers a wide choice of agents and is available to ensure the proper functioning of the service. In addition, both the structure of the agency and our company policy increase the quality of the service.

  • A homogeneous security system that complies with legislation and regulations
  • Multilingual staff, French-Dutch-English
  • Location manager
  • Work supervision at different levels of responsibility
  • Recording of events to ensure traceability
  • The use of modern means of communication, including communication radios in most stations and in all vehicles of operational services

Be Close Protection also makes it a point to motivate these agents and do everything it can to make them the most suitable for their job, as well as to have fun doing it. To achieve this, training is mandatory for them, but benefits are granted to them.

  • Internal continuous training (training center)
  • Supplement premiums (joint committee 317)
  • In-depth language courses
  • Knowledge of legal obligations (new laws in force)
  • In-depth program first aid and fire
  • Regular physical test.


1. Static security

An electronic security system is not always sufficient to exclude the risk of burglary. This is why Be Close Protection offers its static security services, guaranteeing maximum response through internal and external prevention rounds, access and exit control, opening barriers and doors, management keys, badges, electronic security systems …
Be Close Protection works in all types of buildings, such as commercial complexes, factories and private companies, all offices, financial institutions and administrations…; and provides you with qualified security agents with specific training for this type of security mission.

2. Close protection

The dense protection of people service – or Bodyguarding – offered by Be Close Protection concerns the physical protection of individuals, regardless of the circumstances.
Whether political, diplomatic, sporting or famous personalities, Be close protection offers specially qualified agents for the protection of people to ensure both their physical and moral safety. These bodyguards are anticipatory professionals, used to manage risky situations and act discreetly.
They are assisted in their missions by advanced technological means that enable them to respond quickly and effectively to any emergency they may encounter.

3. Dog guard

In some cases, the presence of security guards is not enough, Be Close Protection, among its team of security guards, offers handlers who are rigorously selected and trained in accordance with the regulations in force and the values of our company to ensure the security of the property .
The human-animal pair makes for a very deterrent and preventive safety mission. At Be Close Protection, the dog handler works in perfect harmony with his dog, who is specially trained for interception, support and protection of property and people. The dog handler therefore relies on his dog’s skills to secure the sites.


  1. Our agent will act courteously, courteously, diplomatically and empathically and will under no circumstances exhibit friendly or family behavior with the site management and establishment staff.
  2. The duty agent will never come into conflict with any person directly or indirectly associated with the establishment, any improper conduct will be immediately penalized and any complaints or refusals will be reported to the Be Close Protection Security Manager. At the end of the day, a full report is sent to the Site Security Manager.
  3. The agent is bilingual French / Dutch and speaks in the language of the person speaking to him.
  4. In addition, the agent will strictly follow all instructions, acting cordially but firmly in their application. Any special request must be validated by the security manager or a person from the institution in question.
  5. The agent will always be alert, therefore no distraction is tolerated (eg No use of the mobile phone except in an emergency, no lengthy discussion, …).
  6. The duty officer will never leave his position, if for some reason he must be absent, he will notify his colleague and / or management to plan an immediate solution.
  7. Regardless of duty, the duty officer will always maintain an impeccable attitude. During the access control, he will keep a smile and carry out his mission with tact and determination.
  8. The officer on duty with a developed intuition will act appropriately when he sees or suspects a problem.
  9. The duty officer wears legal attire and is equipped with authorized equipment (cell phone service, radio, etc.)

1. Respect for schedules

The schedules are provided as follows:

  • Monday 24/24
  • Tuesday 24/24
  • Wednesday 24/24
  • Thursday 24/24
  • Friday 24/24
  • Saturday 24/24
  • Sunday 24/24
  • Public holidays 24 / 24h

The hours may vary depending on the places we supervise, we will adjust the schedule according to your needs.
Alternative replacement 1 hour before opening and 1 hour after closing * (in consultation with the security manager)

The agent will be present at least 15 minutes before the start of his shift to prepare and follow instructions from the Security Manager. The details of the day are provided by the Security Manager.

2. Equipment and equipment of the duty officer

The clothes of the duty officer must be impeccable, it reflects the image of the client and that of Be Close Protection. We pay attention to details (waxed shoes, clean and impeccable clothing, personal hygiene, etc.).

Be Close Protection agent’s outfit: :

  • Intervention pants
  • Intervention shoes
  • A white shirt and tie
  • A costume if necessary according to the mission
  • A black coat for the winter
  • A fleece jacket (between season / winter)
  • Be close to Guard
  • Ministerial map visible
  • A bulletproof vest (if necessary)
  • Possibly a fluorescent vest
  • A service cell phone
  • A service radio
  • Flashlight
  • 2 secure keys for storing badge keys.

3. Posture during the service

The attitude of our agents is essential to ensure optimal safety in your facility. That is why we expect flawless behavior. They respect applicable laws, procedures and instructions of the person responsible for the security of the establishment. The agents will act with respect and integrity and will be punctual (respecting schedules). In addition, they will smile, be friendly and affectionate, while steadfastly following the rules and procedures.

No personal initiative is taken on the part of the agents and no deviation from the instructions of the security manager or any authorized person. They will also be vigilant and vigilant to ensure the safety of people in and around the place.

The use of personal cell phones is not allowed, except in an emergency; prolonged conversation with an employee, parents or teachers is not allowed.

No information is disclosed that could endanger the security of the establishment (absolute confidentiality: no documents, information, names, etc. are communicated to the outside world).
The officer on duty wears a uniform and is equipped with appropriate equipment. He will always speak to people in Dutch or French during an access control. At the end of the shift, the report is drawn up and communicated to the site security manager.

4. Interpellation

Any questioning will be conducted in accordance with applicable law and is an integral part of a security guard’s duties.

In the event of a problem, the duty officer immediately notifies the site security manager or an authorized person. Whatever the danger or threat, the officer’s priority is to get everyone present to safety.

In the event of an anomaly or warning of any kind, the agent will enforce the evacuation plan established for the site.

In the event of a proven crisis situation, the agent will immediately call for help and law enforcement and make an initial assessment of the blessed people.

See: internal procedures with the Security Manager.

5. Personnel d’encadrement

  • – Coordination and supervision of agent monitoring.

A team of agents is created dedicated to your location:

  • A post manager is responsible for on-site coordination and is the first point of contact between the Security Manager and Bcp.
  • The agents on duty are identified and validated by your location.
  • Schedule is communicated by Bcp to its agents every Friday.
  • A personal commitment from Mr. Cazier (Boss) in the control of the agents.

Random check of agents in the workplace (this check can also be performed by another manager of the company due to proximity).

  • Training and retraining.
  • Continuous training within our center.
  • Mandatory training and retraining in the context of the surveillance law.
  • Security training and retraining, this type of training is provided by specialists and goes beyond the requirements of the security law.


Various measures are taken to guarantee the quality of the services provided :

  • Continuous training of our agents in a training center.
  • Reminder of applicable law.
  • Intensive language courses.
  • In-depth training first aid and fire.
  • Daily training and physical tests on a regular basis.
  • A monthly review meeting is organized between the security manager and the head of the post.
  • The BCP management organizes a periodic meeting with the security manager to validate the full cooperation and / or to take the necessary measures.
  • A full range of static security services.
  • Maximum flexibility, the proximity of the sites allows us to respond in no time. We always have agents available within the company.
  • Recording of events to ensure traceability.
  • Work supervision at different levels of responsibility.


1. Clothing

  • Intervention pants
  • Intervention shoes
  • A white shirt and tie
  • A costume if required depending on the mission
  • A black jacket for the winter
  • A fleece jacket (between season / winter)
  • Ministerial card
  • A bulletproof vest
  • Possibly a fluorescent vest
  • Identification plate “Vigilis”

2. Material

  • GSM service
  • Service radio
  • Flashlight
  • 2 Safe keys
  • 2 cell phones in each waiting room
  • 1 individual first aid kit
  • 1 defibrillator

3. 24/7 shipping

Two agents are permanently present in our dispatch center so that they can intervene immediately.

4. Displacement

A patrol car that meets the requirements of the law on monitoring interventions after an alarm.

5. Logistical means

  • A planning department that is available 7 days a week
  • A reserve of agents dedicated to your location
  • A stock of clothing