Covid 19 Coordinator


To respond to the federal government's measures taken following the Covid-19 pandemic,
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What is the role of our Covid 19 coordinator: he is generally responsible for:

- Respect for barrier gestures
- Apply hygiene measures (disinfection of surfaces, door handles, keys, etc.)
- Use the hydroalcoholic gel as soon as it has touched an object or door
- Ensure that people respect the wearing of masks in all collective places
- Data counting and number of people
- Label printing for case tracking
- Reception and orientation of users
- Confirmation of users' personal information
- Preparation of the premises and equipment
- Transportation of equipment and the elderly
- Streamline the filling of vaccination stations
- And all other related tasks.

Anxious to meet your expectations and your safety, we thank you for the trust you will place in us.

The Be close protection team