Commercial and financial conditions


The rate chosen for this offering is the rate we offer our institutional clients
We’ve incorporated the latest CP317 rate and premium increases.
This rate is applicable for the duration of the contract and will only be revised after salary increases related to CP 317.

1. Static security service

  • Control of people, entry and exit.
  • Access by car to the covered parking.
  • Check, at the request of the Security Manager, of the delivered goods and verification of the delivery documents.
  • Internal and external round.
  • Registration of movements of visitors.
  • Verification and actions regarding internal security measures.
  • Risk prevention.

2. Mobile security service

  • Intervention support

3. We also provide

  • Cynophilic surveillance missions
  • Close the protection of missions
  • Event monitoring missions


Through its solutions for human surveillance, security, hygiene, tidiness and reception, BCP Group Facilities offers its partners high-quality multi-services and contributes to improving the well-being of our customers.

The added value of our approach lies in the alliance of our technical skills around a single interlocutor and our perfect mastery of contingency management.

Our employees bring you their know-how every day and integrate the concept of sustainable development into every part of the multi-service.

The services we can offer you are:

Other types of facilities:

Catering: preparing the reception area and serving coffee.
Minor maintenance work: clearing snow from aisles in winter, clearing aisles, emptying and evacuating debris, replacing light bulbs, assembly and disassembly EXPO stand, etc …

Hygiene: ensure the cleanliness of the boxes

Other services: on request

Hostess / reception service:

  • Welcoming visitors
  • Direct visitors and suppliers
  • Pay attention to the entrances and exits
  • Receive letters, packages and phone calls and redirect them to the correct recipient