Be Close protection and ecology


The Be Close Protection group is active in the operational security of buildings and offices. Management and safety make a concrete long-term commitment in a citizen approach of continuous improvement to conduct its business with the utmost respect for the environment.

Indeed, knowing that in the life cycle of a building 80% of the environmental impacts are due to the use, integrating ecological management and raising residents’ awareness are essential issues for which, within the limits of our contract, we operate and provide effective answers to meet new environmental requirements, particularly in terms of performance.

Energy in buildings that our customers are confronted with.
As direct representatives and brand image of the Be Close Protection group and its customers, our agents are the main indicators of our environmental performance and lead by example. Our mission is to respect, enforce and promote the good environmental practices implemented in buildings and offices among our customers and visitors.

As such, we are committed to respecting the following principles:

  • Compliance with our compliance obligations
  • Achieving our environmental goal
  • Environmental protection, including pollution prevention
  • Continuous improvement of our environmental performance.

We are committed to implementing the following actions:

  • Pass on our environmental corporate culture to our new agents
  • Set us apart from our competitors by our exemplary nature in good environmental management.
  • Support our CUSTOMERS in improving the environmental performance of their buildings and offices.
  • aise awareness among our selected PARTNERS, especially on the basis of their commitment to the environment.
  • Undertake further training in environmental matters, especially in terms of mobility.

The management and all personnel of the Be Close Protection group strive for continuous improvement of our environmental performance.

Be Close Protection Active joins forces with “A roof for bees” through its customer Bee close (Steven Vantomme) to finance the construction and maintenance of several beehives located in Linkebeek.

Concerned to reduce its impact on the environment, the Be close protection group is taking numerous actions to build an increasingly bourgeois company: Eco-responsible.

Protecting bees is therefore a natural part of the approach. This support to the “Bee Close” association is in line with the Be close protection campaign, which protects 3 apiaries in the Kauwenberg Nature Park and produces the organic lime honey required for the formulation of its Nourishing Honey range.